Health and Dentistry

Did you know that your oral health is closely linked to potential general health and your overall wellbeing? When oral health is poor, the body suffers.

At Bright Star Dental, rather than just treating the general dental problems, we look for ways to facilitate improve general overall health with emphasis on regular preventive hygiene care and early detection and treatment.

Recent research suggests that the oral bacteria in your mouth, causing gum inflammation and gum disease, may correlate to other general health problems you suffer from. It is now believed that heart disease, clogged arteries and increased risk of stroke are all conditions with can be exacerbated by infections in the mouth. The oral bacteria in the mouth are the root of most dental problems, with several different types of bacteria in the mouth at any one time. So the next time you brush and floss your teeth, remember that you need to clean not only food and debris, but remove this bacteria as well.

Poor oral health can impact you in both a physical and psychological sense; so it is imperative that you strive for good oral health throughout your entire life. With regular examinations and professional hygiene care, the team at Bright Star Dental can pay close attention to your mouth to diagnose any potential problems with your overall health and wellbeing.