Dental Implants

  • Do you suffer from one or more missing teeth?
  • Do you have ill-fitting or 'rocking' dentures?
  • Do you want to achieve a fixed and permanent aesthetically beautiful smile?

Then dental implants at Bright Star Dental may be for you.

Dental implants have been one of the most significant innovations in dentistry. They are an ideal tooth replacement for missing teeth and are virtually identical to natural teeth in strength, function and appearance.

Receiving an implantis a minor procedure completed under a local anaesthetic with many patients reporting little to no discomfort, returning back to work and their normal daily routine the following day.

  • titanium dental implants

FAQ About Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?

Made from medical grade titanium, dental implants resemble a screw and when placed, replicate a missing tooth root by naturally bonding with the jawbone. An implant provides a solid foundation to which a crown, bridge or denture may be secured.

Why opt for a dental implant?

As a tooth replacement, dental implants offer the closest thing to natural teeth. They are more secure than removable dentures and fill the spaces without modifying any adjacent teeth.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Many diagnostic procedures will be undertaken prior to any appointments being made for dental implant placement. Our team will check your bone levels, ensure there is sufficient spacing so no adjacent teeth are damaged and ensure you do not have a compromised medical history.

How long will the treatment take?

Depending on where the implant is placed in your jaw, full integration of the dental implant into the bone can take anywhere from 4-9 months.

How long do dental implants last?

Every patient's results will vary. Scientific studies have shown that properly maintained dental implants that are anchored with sufficient healthy bone can last for many, many years. Some minor repairs may be expected like any other dental appliance.

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