White Fillings

At Bright Star Dental we have an extensive range of options for creating more natural looking smiles and white fillings is one of the most popular choices to restore teeth.

With advances in technology, composite white fillings have become the restoration of choice, replacing the old (silver) amalgam fillings.

Composite white fillings are natural in appearance and can be colour matched to the shade of your tooth. This makes your restored tooth virtually the same colour, shade and tone as your natural teeth.

Made from a blend ofhard plastic material and silica mixed to a paste-like consistency, composite fillings are skillfully sculpted to the contour of your tooth in layers. A specially developed curing light then hardens each layer before the next one is applied. Once the perfect shape is achieved, the tooth is polished and appears completely natural.

Benefits of white fillings:

  • Aesthetically pleasing restorative option
  • Strong adhesive material properties
  • White, tooth like appearance
  • Easy to sculpture and contour to the tooth's surface
  • Resistant to fracture
  • Minimal removal of natural solid tooth structure

Ask the team at Bright Star Dental about choosing white fillings to enhance your smile.

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