Our Dental Hygienists

Prevention of dental disease starts with a regular oral hygiene routine at home. At Bright Star Dental we offer 2 in-house dental hygienists, who are an integral part of our preventive dental care team.

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily and maintaining a balanced diet will help to ensure healthy strong teeth. It is recommended that you visit our dental hygienists for regular check-ups every six months, as studies show the amount of calculus reaches its threshold at 6 months and therefore is unable to be removed by yourself, hence professional cleaning is required.

The role of our dental hygienists focuses on the diagnostic, therapeutic, educational and preventive therapies; all designed to maximise oral health and control the occurrence of oral disease.

Our hygienists:

  • Educate adults and children on all dental health matters, including plaque control, oral hygiene instructions and nutrition tips
  • Remove plaque (tartar) build up and stains
  • Apply fluoride treatments
  • Give local anaesthetic for dental procedures
  • Complete teeth whitening procedures
  • Give post-operative instructions

See our dental hygienists regularly to achieve and maintain optimum oral health.

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