Children's Dentistry

  • five happy kids with arms in the air

Bright Star Dental loves kids, and our team of dentists and dental therapists are well trained and show tenderness and care when treating all children. Children's dentistry at Bright Star Dental is fun and simple; and we ensure the visit is interactive and educational.

We believe regular attendance at our practice from an early age helps encourage a positive attitude towards coming to the dentist and developing good oral hygiene habits that the children can continue into adulthood.

It is recommended by the Australian Dental Association that children get regular checkups with a dentist or dental therapist from as early as 2-3 years of age, once all their baby teeth have come through.

Even though baby teeth fall out naturally, dental care is important to ensure that this does not happen prematurely.

Here are some tips as to the importance of regular visits and good oral hygiene habits for your children:

  • Baby teeth help guide the growth of the jawbones and ensure adult teeth come through in their correct position
  • Baby teeth play a vital role in speech development as children learn to sound out words
  • Your child's back teeth (molars) need to last until around the age of thirteen; which is why daily brushing, flossing and a healthy diet is essential to the health of baby teeth
  • Your children should brush and floss until they are at least eight years old, as many younger children do not have the strength or dexterity to do this effectively enough on their own
  • Understanding the role of sugar in the diet and when taken in excess, how it can increase the incidence of tooth decay

If you would like to help encourage your children to achieve the best for their teeth, for life, then the team at Bright Star Dental is right behind you.

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