August - It's Dental Health Month

The team at Bright Star Dental is passionate about dentistry and creating beautiful smiles. To raise awareness for Dental Health Month 2016, we are providing 5 simple health habits for kids.

5 Healthy Dental Habits 4 Kids

1. First Visit - baby teeth are important. They maintain space for adult teeth to erupt and guide into place with little fuss. From the age of 2 on wards, we recommend you bring your child to the dental practice for their first dental visit.

2. Toothbrush - use a soft bristled children's size toothbrush. No toothpaste is needed until the age of 18 months. After that age, please select an age-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste to protect and strengthen.

3. Water - rethink their drink!! Check the sugar content in fruit juices and soft drinks. Tap water is the best option.

4. Clean Teeth - spend 2-3 minutes of gentle brushing of their teeth and gums; and once old enough, introduce dental floss into their daily cleaning routine.

5. Healthy Food - eating foods high in sugar can cause tooth decay. Monitor and reduce the intake of these sugary snacks and replace with a healthier alternative like fruit and vegetables.